Mocking v2.0

We all love to use mocks in our Java tests, right? Add the usual mock framework to your test dependencies, sprinkle a few mock, when and thenWhatever calls in to your code, and happy days. You're able to test things in isolation, and as an added bonus ensure your code is actually calling the stuff … Continue reading Mocking v2.0


The voice-activated sandwich toaster!

TL;DR - We built a Wifi-capable four-way mains socket using a NodeMCU ESP8266 development board, some relays, and the Arduino libraries (but not their hardware). We coded it in C++, which you'll find on GitHub. My son Jake and I have lately become interested in smart-home technology, probably because I've finally caved and welcomed Alexa … Continue reading The voice-activated sandwich toaster!

Spritesheets Revisited – Game sprites with Inkscape + Gimp

I've lately been doing some work with the (awesome) Unity game engine, prototyping a 2D platformer using version 4.3's new 2D mode, and as part of that I needed to create some sprite-sheets for game-related animations and the like. As I've mentioned before, my tools of choice for graphical work are Inkscape and The GIMP, … Continue reading Spritesheets Revisited – Game sprites with Inkscape + Gimp

Random headache #57 – Rails 4 and Nokogiri on Windows

So I'm currently working on a rails-based internal app for a company I occasionally do some work for (and often, wish I didn't), and for one reason or another I'm stuck developing on a Windows box. I won't go into the reasons for this right now (suffice it to say that I blame Broadcom. Or … Continue reading Random headache #57 – Rails 4 and Nokogiri on Windows

One-to-many in ORMDroid – at last!

I'm pleased to announce that as of this morning, ORMDroid now has some basic support for one-to-many relationships between entities, thanks to Jacob Ferrero and as hinted at in a previous post. Jacob actually put this together a few months ago, the only hold-up has been me getting around to merging the code in, so … Continue reading One-to-many in ORMDroid – at last!