Blog Reboot

Just a quick note to say that the blog is now back online, but sadly missing quite a few posts that were lost by my old webhost.

The last post I’ve been able to restore is from almost¬†two years ago, when I was just starting out on the drone project. Here’s a quick summary of what’s been happening since then:

  • The drone project is still unfinished, and has fallen by the wayside a bit if I’m honest. I still plan to get it going,¬†someday.
  • I’ve recently found time to resume work on my minimal experimental kernel, Mink. (Find it on github if you’re interested).
  • I have a new day-job – I’m now working for a small non-IT company, putting together a brand new bespoke MRP system for them using Java EE, with a Vaadin front end. In between times, I’m also the entire IT department, which is kinda stressful but also fun.

So all in all you’ve not missed a great deal, and now the blog has a new home, I’ll be regularly updating here with new posts.