Scratch: Teaching kids to think in blocks

The Scratch Cat
The Scratch Cat

Over the weekend I spent a few very rewarding hours with my ten-year-old son playing with Scratch, MIT’s drag-and-drop educational programming system. I’ve often wanted to “get him into” programming (I was a little younger than he is now when I started, and at ten I was beginning to get really interested in writing code on the old 8-bit machines) but haven’t really known where to begin. It turns out the ideal place was Scratch!

Although I’ve been aware of Scratch for a while (it comes pre-installed on the Raspberry Pi I got a few months ago, which I’ve not really done anything with yet) I only really looked at it properly last week, when a friend of mine asked me for a little help with an introduction to CS course he was doing, in which the first problem set was to create something in Scratch (I helped him make a Space Invaders clone). It was while working on that I realised I really should introduce Jake (that’s my son) to Scratch. After I mentioned it to him, it turned out he’d looked at it a little at school, and so it was decided – we’d spend a bit of time on Sunday playing around with it.

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