New toy has arrived!

My Raspberry Pi

The Royal Mail kindly delivered my new toy this morning – a shiny new Raspberry Pi. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these for quite a while, but what with work and other commitments I’ve not actually gotten around to ordering one – until now.

Considering the lead times on the Pi have been long to say the least, I was very impressed to receive mine within three days. I knew they were getting out much more quickly than they did to begin with (demand at the start far exceeded expectations) but still, I didn’t expect to get it in less than a week or two. Ordered from Farnell on Tuesday, shipped on Wednesday, and at my door Friday morning. Sweet!

I love working with these embedded computers (in a previous job, I was the operating system guy on a team that designed a high-def video processing engine based on an Ambarella SoC, which is when I got hooked) so it’s actually strange that I’ve not gotten a Pi before now. I’m planning to make up for that with some heavy-duty hacking over the coming weeks.

In terms of plans, I’ve got a few. I’d really like to get Android running on it, and maybe use it as an Android-based media and entertainment box. There’s already an effort going on to port ICS to the Pi (the current major issue seems to be lack of GPU and AudioFlinger support) so I’ll take a look into that. In the meantime, there are already Gingerbread ports available.

For now though, I’m going to install stock Raspbian, fire this thing up, and have a poke around to see what it’s got. I may be some time….. 😉


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IT guy, code junkie, mobile app developer, occasional blender artist and open-source activist.

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