Reasons why my code is late #173: The Weather

For the UK, this is damn fine weather...
For the UK, this is damn fine weather. And the “Partly cloudy” just isn’t true – clear blue skies!

I currently have quite a lot of work outstanding on various Open Source projects, and I’ve been really busy lately what with one thing and another, but I’ve deliberately kept today free so I could catch up with things a bit. There’s a lot of (long overdue) work on Deelang (the current milestone is at least a couple of months overdue), and ORMDroid has had some great patches this week including private field mapping (thanks to Germán Valencia and Machinarius), some fixes to the SQL generation, and fixes for some spurious exceptions with unknown types (this one also adds a mapping for java.util.Date, and removes the old default mapping functionality – I’ll post more about the API changes soon). All this is in Git, but needs packaging up into a release.

There’s also some stuff I wanted to clean up in Rote, and I’ve lately been working on an operating system kernel (for learning purposes of course – I think at some point every programmer decides it’s time to write one) and was quite excited about getting some time to work on the scheduler this weekend.

But sadly, all of this is going to have to wait. It’ll be late. The reason? Well, here in the UK, we have a heatwave – and that’s a rare-enough thing that when it does happen, you just have to take advantage of it!

I guess it’s a British thing. Some would say we’re lucky – we don’t get any kind of extreme weather. Hurricanes, cyclones, all that stuff is something you see on TV. But what we do get lots of is mediocre weather. We spend much of our time keeping out of the rain. For the last two or three years, summer has been a washout. Most of the time, in the UK, the Sun is a (sort-of) newspaper, not something that makes the outdoors hot.

So I’m sorry guys, but all those updates are going to be a little while longer. This weather won’t last, so I have to make the most of it while I can. Yesterday I sat in the garden, drank a few beers, fell asleep and got sunburned. I’ve been out there all morning and guess what? That’s right – as soon as I hit “post” – I’m going back for more of the same.

As for the updates – we’ll have to take a raincheck.


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